• Melodie is loaded with features!


  • DirectX-based text scrolling for enhanced smoothness and control
  • Fade/blank screen option
  • Jump quickly to individual song lines or stanzas
  • Margins on-screen can be adjusted left/right/up/down to fit your own projection needs
  • Supports wide screen output aspect ratios
  • Bulk import song data from a spreadsheet
  • Songs can be "tagged" by keywords to aid in searching
  • Play-list feature so that an entire play-list of songs can be preloaded for easy look-up during worship sessions
  • Dual-Screen Output (A preview screen is provided so you can see what is currently displayed on the projector in real-time)
  • Video loop and gradient background options
  • Advanced full-text song searching algorithm
  • Quick Bible passage look-ups
  • Shortcut keys (function keys) allow you to control aspects of Melodie without a mouse or trackpad
  • Display history keeps track of everything displayed during a session to allow you to quickly access already-loaded items
  • And many, many more. Try it out for free.
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