• The Holy Bible comes in many different translations and editions. This page provides a list of bibles that may be directly imported into Melodie.


Many popular Bible translations, such as the New International Version and the Revised Standard Version hold copyright restrictions. As such, these versions are not currently available for Melodie. We are currently in the process of securing permissions to include these versions. Please check back to this page periodically as we update our list.

Importing Bibles Into Melodie

To import a bible version, download and unzip a file from the list below, launch Melodie and click on File / Bible Version import. Then, locate the appropriate downloaded file (*.db3 extension) and click on Load. Restart Melodie for the changes to take effect.

Version Licence Cost
King James Version (included with Melodie) Public Domain Free
American Standard Version Public Domain Free
Spanish Reina-Valera Public Domain Free

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